Since the opening of the River Land in July 2004, though its name was not widely known, there have been 1,200 visitors and they liked it so far.
There were many dogs in various swimming backgrounds such as the debutant that really scared to get in the water or professional swimmer like fish.
  The participation requirement was only that the dog able to swim. Entry fee was free. Dead line was 1week before the each competition. First 20 dogs could entry the competition. The judgment was based on the artistic impression by randomly selected 2-judges among visitors. Not judged only by the time. The top 3 were awarded. All participants got souvenirs, too.
  How to play: see the illustrated picture below.
A ball was thrown to a certain point in the river. Then the competitor swam to catch the ball and took it back to the goal point.
Criteria were listed below and scored by point-deduction scoring system (50-point at maximum)
  Criteria (10-point each)
landing motion on the water
beauty of swimming
speed of swimming
ball catching manner
finish at the certain goal point (the owner called the dog at the point)
  The judges were composed of tree person. The one from the staff of the River Land, the rest were selected randomly among the visitors.
  We held the championship among the dogs of each competition’s top-threes in following September.
※The River Land is a dogrun situated on a river. So we open throughout year. However, it is located in cold upland so please do not let your dog swim in the river during winter season.