We are happy to introduce our training seminars here!
Well reputed seminars in session!

Open as needed. 10:00am to 3:30pm, 2days(overnight)

œ Place: Yatsugatake Dog Farm
œ The seminar includes lecture by Mr.Kawamata, the owner of the farm, hands-on sessions and Q&A
œ Photo shootings with your dog(s)
œ Lunch at a restaurant "Rock" in Kiyosato(have a eat with dog section)
œ Seminar fee 80,000yen(room and board included)
œ Please send fax for application.
Fax 0267-98-3719(domestic) 81-267-98-3719(international)

œI got a licence for police dog handlers after taken a training course at a police dog training school for 5 years. Then I have started a business as a on-site dog trainer. Sometimes I got complaints from the castomers whose dogs that I trained were behaved bad habit again. I asked the police dog school's teacher for some advice. However, he said that it's nothing wrong with my trainings. I had no idea what was wrong with my trainings and what could I do.

One day, I found an information about the seminar on a web and decided to take it.
Can you believe what happened to me? I've became possible to see dog's minds and behaviors. Moreover, I glimpsed the unknown world of canine. I came to understand that there is always a flip side and thus, I am now confident with handling dogs in both sides.

œI have had a strong demand to understand about dogs as well as to correct my dog's bad behavior. So I have taken various seminors, such as Dr.Ian Dunbar, Terry Ryan etc. It counted more than 10 times.

Always, though I listened really carefully not to miss anything the lecturer said and done what they said, it did not work at all.

At this time, as I take the seminar, I finally understand the cause of the problems of my dog. Now, I could see the dog's mind and behavior with no problem! What I regret most is how much spent for such worthless seminars before I took. (I.T. Shizuoka)

œI have started a dog caffe with 3-dogruns in 99,000‡u property. At the start of the business, I had to know anythig about dogs and thought it's a requisite to take the

In someday, I would like to held the seminor at my place for many people as well as for myself.
(M.M. Wakayama)

I have taken Ian Dunbar's seminars twice and I was intended to go his December's seminar.
However, before that, I took the seminar of the dog farm's, the a long time interest. What I realized was that Ian Dunbar has held seminars based on his small limited experiences.

His training experiences was based on his few dogs those behaved well as luck. So, I think, his method does not work every-dog commonly. If the training works well only by "rewards" and "disregard" no dog owners experiences hardships.

The seminar of the dog farm is remarkable!
Fully understandable! No more Dunber's for me.
(N.S. Osaka)

œAs I took the seminar, I realized that the dog I had had not been treated right and felt really sorry for that. I would do right for next dog.

(T.O. Hyogo)
œIf you see the dogs in the dog farm, you could realize that how they treated right. I was really happy to be here!
(N.S. Osaka)

œI have been living with dogs since I was a little child. So I had a pride that I know anything about dogs.

If I had an opprtunity to buy dogs from the dog farm, There is no chance to take the seninar. Alas! I realized that what I have missed in my dog care, the most important thing! at last.

Now, I think I was really happy to have the seminar.

(H.I. Nagoya)

œAs I have worked in dog business, I have experienced and learned many things at many places. The seminar here was extremely useful for the variety and depth of the coverage than any other seminars I have ever taken!

(O.T. Tokyo)
œAfter I took the seminar, I have realized that "the common knowledge of dog" was wholly nonsense.
(Y.N. Saitama)

œI was really lucky to have a dog from the dog farm, and thus took seminar at there. If I bought one from other breeder and took seminar at deffarent place, it could have been wild.

(K.S. Kanagawa)

œI have read so many dog-books and had confident that I could teach at a dog training seminar. However, I had a little doubt about the confidence. So I took the seminar for proof. As a result, I regreted spending money to buy such trash, and I should have taken the seminar much ealier!

(A.E. Gifu)

œIf you buy a dog, you have to take the pay-seminar. For me, at first, that means double your cost and could buy 2 dogs. You could buy grown-up dogs for 50,000`60,000yen....
I was satisfied fully that I did take the seminar. You don't have to pay for additional training seminars at all!

Dogs show full of expression if the owner treat them truly. Doing this, both dogs and peoples are happy. I feel that I got priceless thing by paying little.

(H.S. Kanagawa)

œI had thought that I knew anything about dogs. I could understand what they think and do based on my long relationship with dogs.

My loving dog passed away and I was looking for new partnar to fill the sadness of the loss. I decided to buy a dog from the dog farm and had to take the seminar, as the system. I was confident about understanding dogs so I was diffensive to take a biginer's seminar. I tried to make escape that saying I did not have time. Then what I told was it's the only first 2 days of your time with the dog. If you could not spare the time, find other place to buy one. I did not feel like finding dogs all over again, so I took the seminar.

After all, it was worth to pay, really high standard! I was really ashamed that I thought that I knew anyting about dogs and I was really sorry for my former loving dog I treated wrong.

(S.K. Tokyo)

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œ Open every week as needed(appointment necessary)
œ There are 2-day, 3-day and 4-day courses.
œ  The seminar fee is 80,000yen. It covers text, tuition and room and board.
œ The 4-day course is for professional people. Please apply separately.

ššš@Course schedule@ššš
¦Lecture is 2hours per day. We will do hands on session at the lest of the day.
Monday Registration Lunch Our understandings of dogs now and past Dinner,bathe
Tuesday Breakfas
Training session through attending dogs as petting, take a walk, playing etc.
Lunch Mental ability of dog Dinner,bathe
Wednesday Breakfas Lunch Behavior of dog Dinner,bathe
Thursday Breakfas Lunch Daily care Dinner,bathe
Friday Breakfas Lunch Closing ceremony handing out deploma
You will stay cottages in our farm or
affiliated inns during the semonar. You will have coffee and bread for breakfast, lunchbox meal and dinner at restaurants. Take bath at a public spa nearby.

œWhat you need to bringœ
1. clothes ok to get durt with dogs
2. writing tools and a notebook
3. extra cloths for change
4. toilet set
5. a pair of sneaker or rubber boots

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If you really want to understand dog's mind and have a happy life with dogs, we recomend you to take this seminar. You (will) have struggle to train your dog by the outdated knowledge of dog's behavior which unfortunately spred widely.

You will learn latest information by treating dogs in hands-on session.

œThose who trained their dogs by the knowledge we used to have or out-dated training books suffer a lot by dog's bad behaviors. Such as listed below,

1. Do not use the given place for defecation
2. Do not respond quick on your calls
3. Inaccurate sit, shake hands, wait and down.
4. Pounce on to play with
5. Show mounting activity
6. Chew badly
7. Show Restlessness
8. Bark unnecessarily
9. Gobble down food
10. Scare other dogs
11. Show no interest to other dogs
12. Show aggressiveness to dogs
13. Bite dogs
14. Bite peoples
15. Bark at peoples
16. Bark at dogs
17. Go somewhere when unchained
18. Pull leash on a walk
19. Pick up and eat food on a walk
20. Eat poops
21. Growl during feeding
22. Bite hand when someone touch a feed-dish during feeding

Those behaviors listed above have certain causes and certain ways to train them. It is our goal to figure out the way we treat them right to stop those behaviors.

@The time we refresh our minds with dogs in the great outdoor...
It's a deeply mooving discovery of the truth of dog's world indeed.

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