Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale
We have bred more than 600 puppies those adopted happily ever after.

Since in December 2004, the person who adopt our farm's bred puppie must take the "seminar for new dog owners."

More than 600 dogs have been adopted happily!!
They have come to be called "the Yatsugatake Goldens"

There are four reasons why you need to take the seminar

Usually, people buy dogs at a pet shop and take it home on the same day they met.
From dog's side it's a kind of dog-napping situation. They feel really nervous and uneasy facing very new environment. This is the dog's typical first day facing new family, unfortunately.

Dogs are not dolls. They are beings with minds and emortions.
To avoid this situation, we set up the meeting with you and dogs to get acqinted well. Then take a dog home with you comfortably. Start new life smoothly with no drastic change is one of the reasons.

‡A After seminar, you would take a dog home by car. So we have a session to avoid motion sickness in the seminar.
‡B We will provide trainings for individual dog's characteristics. So you will learn the best way to train your dog.
‡C Most kind of dogs have the case of dysplasia of the hip. We will have a study session about the case for your dog's healthy life.

The differences from other Golden retrievers@and the characteristics
‡@Our dogs spend their time freely and easily in the great outdoor. Thanks for that, they are cheerful and healthy.

‡AIn the first 4 to 12months they raised with parents and siblings. So they communicate with both peoples and dogs well in good social nature.
‡BEach has enough bone mass and robust skeletal structures (It suffer less of the possibility of the dysplasia of the hip)

The soothing days of thinking that "It's good to have dog"
‡@Your are wholly trusted by your dog.

‡AYour dog is easy and calm

‡BPlay with other dogs without problems

‡CDonft bite, don't bark unneededly, and donft pull.

‡DDo not gobble

‡ERespond quick at your call. Do what one is told to.

We make all dogs take x-ray of each hip-joint before hand them to you.

@We had made it a rule that adopting dogs must be at least 4-month to 6-month old of its age.
They spend their early life with their parents and siblings. Under this circumstance, the dogs develop their mental ability remarkably. So we have a lot of good response like "well behaved dogs with no bad habit."
However, there is high risk of incidence of dysplasia of the hip for all kind of bred dogs. If a dog affected, the symptom appears around the age of 4-month. So
we change the adopting ages to at least 4-month to 12-month old from July, 2007.
All dogs are x-rayed before hand them in. So you are sure that they are not affected by this system.
We also understand the customerfs voice "would like to adopt as sooner as possible" or "would like to spend the little puppy-time together." Before then, we would like to respect the motherhood of dogs. Naturally, mom wants to stay with her pups as long as possible.

As the reasons, we provide future dog owners the meeting-days during the high-maintenance period. After the period, you will finally have your own dog in healthy condition.

To take the short view of immediate 1`2month or take a promised longer 10 more years, that is your question. Please take the best decision.

The following things get done to our dogs
a) do not gobble training
b) toilet training
c) vaccinated
d) not affected dysplasia of the hip

We are sure that our dogs are really reasonable to adopt. There is variation of ages that you could have now or have to wait for a while in regularly.

For ones who want to have a puppy in early stage

For ones who want to have a puppy in early stage, we will set up a meeting anytime to meet under 4-month old puppies. You could also take it home for an overnight stay.

We could not hand in our dogs within 12-month old. Please understand the reasons.

ŠPlease pay the price of dog when you decide which to adopt. The seminar fee is charged when you take the dog home.

You would have a really wonderful life with the dogs like ours. However, you would make a big mistake if you think that any dogs could be like our dogs. How to be a good dog is depends on the way it raised, its environment and its owner's attitude for the dog.

Our dogs are wonderful with good social nature and must earn your trust.

For detail, please contact us by phone or fax. We would happy to explain clearly.
Phone: 0267-98-3669(domestic) 81-267-98-3669(international)
Fax: 0267-98-3719(domestic) 81-267-98-3719(international)

We could not hand in our dogs within 12-month old. All dogs you could take home are after this period.
Meetings are always welcomed. Also, you are allowed to take the puppy home for 1-2day stay.

@Phone: 0267-98-3669(domestic) 81-267-98-3669(international)
Fax: 0267-98-3719(domestic) 81-267-98-3719(international)