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ピュリナ プロプラン

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Pups Primary Training School

Training school is opened for puppies obtained from pet shops, breeders or individuals.
The training period would be 3-6month(depend on the time passed after obtaining
your dog. If the time duration would be reach certain period, we could not accept the dog)

You will get the following training to your puppies

1. do not afraid of other dogs
2. not aggressive to other dogs
3. do not show aleming reaction to human, do not bite
4. Decrease restlessness and lacking concentrarion
5. Do not bark uselessly(an achievement depends on kinds of dogs)
6. Do not prunk rough
7. Do not gobble, growl, bite during feeding
8. Reduce pulling a leash
9. toilet training
10.Daily needs/sit,wait,down, respond quick to your call

Petshops and breeders are only providers of meeting places of cuty dogs. You could not rely on them trainings as we do.
Every dog has a possibility to be nice. They would be a very member of your family if you train them primarily.
Based upon scientifically sound information
owners would suffer many problems without these primary trainings.

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It's only here in the world!!
30min. 1:00〜2:00 PM Every Sunday(colled off due to rain)

Quite a sight!!
You could see 20or more golden retreivers dash across the field in a pack!!


e've been made it a routine that releasing dogs in the field only in the morning and the evening for these 4〜5years due to the safty of the daytime visitors.

However,"We want see a pack of dogs rush dawn the field!" was what has requested most among the visitors who have no dog. So we decided to do it during the day time!

It's only done in the world! during 1:00〜2:00pm on sundays! Be here on time!!

Cottage For Memmber Only
●We are now building members only cottages. We are now accepting reservations for them.
●Accommodates up to 6persons per cottage. Dogs can stay in with you.
●Adult 1500yen(tax incl.) Child 1000yen(tax incl.)
●A person who dosen't have a dog could stay with our dogs you pick.
●You could become a member immediately on the same day when you visit us.
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