New born Babys
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the delivery day
A mother named kirara had started her delivery at 10:00 in the morning and it took 6 hours to the last. At the end, she got 11 puppies.
the day 2
So far, mom didn't have room to breathe.
the day 3
The pup's noses are still red
the day 4
The noses getting black
the day 5
Suckle in full effort
the day 6
The bodies are getting solid
the day 7
Mom got room to breathe
the day 8
Puppies were in stable condition
the day 9
Mom fell asleep while nursing
the day 10
The noses got really black
the day 11
Pups slept well
the day 12
The eyes (eye-lid) slightly opened
the day 13
The eyes got clear. It would take 6-7 more days to be able to see.
the day 14
When I held a pup in my hands, it yawned thoroughly. It's a good response of steady growth.