A picture book titled "Plus-no-houmon-sha; A visitor for Plus" story of our dog farm Released and now on sale.

Yatsugatake Dog Farm
2251-1 Uminokuchi, Minamimaki-mura,
Minamisaku-gun, Nagano

A picture book titled "Plus-no-houmon-sha; A visitor for Plus" story of our dog farm Released and now on sale.

Mr.Kawamata's new book "Magical Dog Signs"
Subtitle: truth of dogs and haw to train them everybody wants to know

Written by: Akihiko Kawamata
Price: 1,300yen plus tax

Publisher: Shufu-to-Seikatsu-sha
Released on July 18, 2003, now on sale in bookstores throughout the country@

From "Kyoudai-no-yukue; separate ways each sibling took, in the 14th story
The 13th book of the dog farm released in September, 2002

"Even born on the same day and raised in same manners, siblings take separate ways after adopted to different owners. The dogfs fate really comes under the influence of owner's understandings. I'm deeply touched by pity the dogs they cannot speak even under unfortunate situation".
From the contents
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EA visitor for Plus
ESeasons in the dog farm
ESakura and Shikura
ELittle dog Kurumi's big project
EA dog cannot play
ESeparate ways
EA letter from Malaysia
EA sweater made by dog yarn
EA dog who can count
EEven Marine gets old

The book "Yatsugatake Inu Monogatarih; Yatsugatake Dog Stories, (from the Shobun-sha, 1,600yen plus tax) is on sale in bookstores; however, the first edition is almost sold. Limited copies are still available. If you could not find in the bookstore, put it on backorder.
In the book, there are many hints about dog trainings and how to have wonderful life with dogs.
Recommendation from Tenko Hikita
Only the person who understands dogs deeply could write this book. This is the first book written keenly about the truth of the dog's being published in this country.@
All stories are based on the actual days with many dogs. By reading this, you could reconsider the way of your dog treating. And the peoples, who feel desperate of work or life, visit the Mr. Kawamata's place at Yatsugatake. I'm sure that dogs absolutely cheer you up.
From the contents
Image of the book

EWhy I fell in love with dogs
EThe fun to keep dogs in packs
EThere is no word "envy" in DOGtionary
EIt's better not to fix dogs
EYatsugatake's rich human life tapestry over dogs
EBuy dogs at least old enough to 3-month of the age.
EWhat dog food to feed?
EHow to train not to pull